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What We Do


What Students and Parents are Saying

At The Learning Place every teaching plan is unique to each individual student. Our goal is to give them the skills and the confidence unlock their dreams.

Here is what a few parents and students have to say about their Learning Place experience.

Lisa Kostadinov, parent

The Learning Place has been an invaluable addition to our child’s education. Without the high quality, one-on-one tutoring, our daughter, age 9, would not be doing as well as she is in her class.. Thanks to the Learning Place, she has caught up to grade level in reading and writing. The tutors and administrators at the learning place are professional and caring, and we can’t praise them highly enough for making such a positive difference in our daughter’s academic career.  The Learning Place is an invaluable asset to the Estes Park community. It’s a safe, comfortable place for families to get help for their struggling students. The staff is well educated, and eager to invest in each child, taking time and care to meet each student where they are, at their pace. Every person who works there truly cares about the children, their personal struggles, and in making an investment in their success. Luckily, through scholarships, the Learning Place is available to everyone. Estes Park, and the Estes Park schools would be a much poorer place without this wonderful institution.  

A High School student

My tutor has given me the confidence to not only tackle calculus, but to also keep my focus sharp. Her dedication and her confidence in me has given me the tools to chase my dreams and achieve a very large one, that being the Daniels Scholarship. 

A parent

I just want to share how happy my son was today and how excited he was to tell us all about his time with you and to show off everything in “the bag” as soon as we got home! The excitement spread when Dad got home and read everything again. Then they came up with a new game: mixing up the sentence puzzles to make even sillier sentences like, “I ate my little guinea pig, burp! speak!” – it’s all giggles and smiles around here! I can’t thank you enough for helping him move through frustration into this wonderful enjoyment and excitement around reading! 

A parent

Thanks so much for continuing to work with my son. He is seeing improvement and I am as well. He even commented last night “See mom tutoring works!”  

Clay, an adult student

I love to learn new things, maintain my current skills, and interact with friends and staff at the Learning Place.