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Tutoring Agreement

Tutoring Agreement

This agreement is designed to maximize the effectiveness of tutoring by highlighting the goals and expectations of both the student and tutor. This document will be discussed in detail and signed by both the student/student's parent and tutor before tutoring can begin.

Goals of Tutoring

The goals of tutoring are:

  • To promote and support active and independent learning.
  • To develop a positive approach to learning.
  • To aid in developing a higher student competence or confidence in a particular subject.
  • To create an encouraging environment where learning takes place at the student's pace.

Student Responsibilities

Students are expected to:

  • Attend all scheduled tutoring sessions on a regular and consistent basis.
  • Arrive on time and bring all academic support materials (textbooks, notes, worksheets).
  • Prepare for each session by reviewing the material you would like covered. You may want to bring an agenda or a list of questions to share with your tutor.
  • Contact your tutor by phone, text message, or email if you will miss your tutoring session.

Tutor Responsibilities

Tutors are expected to:

  • Contact the student/student's parent by phone, text message or email at least six (6) hours in advance in the case of a scheduling conflict.
  • Confirm the next scheduled session prior to the end of the current session.
  • Wait fifteen (15) minutes before marking a student as a "no show" and email or call after the first five (5) minutes.
  • Complete accurate session records.
  • Conference with the student/student's parent to write goals and objectives.
  • Conference with student/student's parent to discuss progress at a minimum of one time each semester.

Attendance Policy


Unless there is an emergency, you must contact your tutor or the Learning Place office with at least six (6) hours notice to cancel or reschedule a tutoring session. You are allowed either one "no show" or one "late cancellation" per calendar year. You will not be charged for this session. You will be charged the full amount for additional "no show" or "late cancellation" sessions after the one allowed. If you are receiving a scholarship, it does not apply to "no show" or "late cancellation" of sessions and you will be charged $48.00 for the missed session.

  • Cancellation: At least 6 (six) hours notice (email/phone).
  • No show/late cancellation: Total allowed - one (1) At the first violation, student will not be charged. Subsequent violations, student will be charged $48.00 for each session missed.


Unless there is an emergency, you must contact your student/student's parent with no less than six (6) hours notice if you are unable to attend a scheduled session.

Payment Policy

Tuition should be paid at the beginning of each session unless other payment arrangements are discussed and approved by the Executive Director.
Tuition can be paid by:

  • Check - payable to the Estes Park Learning Place
  • Credit Card - online at (Pay Tuition button)
  • Cash

I have read and discussed the information contained in this agreement. I agree to work cooperatively with the tutor to fulfill my responsibilities. I understand that my tutoring may be suspended for failure to abide by the requirements outlined above.

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